Restorative Dentistry vs. Cosmetic Dentistry

added on: April 22, 2020

Restorative DentistryEven though restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry overlap one another, as both at times use implants and crowns for teeth restoration as one example, the primary difference between them includes their focus and level of expertise of the dental professional. The cosmetic dental professional is one who goes above and beyond the restoration treatments. Where a restorative dental professional would stop at assisting an individual in achieving a set of full functioning teeth, the cosmetic dental professional will not only enhance the teeth’s functioning, but attain results which fit well with the patient’s idea of the ideal smile. It requires quite a bit of experience and an extremely accurate level of finesse. A cosmetic dental professional pays attention to even the smallest of details, like how much teeth should an individual have visible while she/he smiles etc.

In addition, restorative dentistry also will correct structural issues to the teeth like missing or damaged teeth. Restorative dental professionals use devices like crowns, dentures, onlays, bridges, inlays and also implants to restore the teeth and their correct functioning. However, that is the point restorative dentistry ends. If you wish to enhance your smile, you always should seek assistance from a cosmetic dental professional as they go into the art of it in conjunction with the science. Cosmetic dentistry involves the teeth’s aesthetic enhancements. If you believe you have an aesthetic defect with your smile, consider speaking with a cosmetic dental professional for help. Cosmetic dentistry may eliminate those issues for you to assist in boosting your overall appearance and confidence.

All treatments involving your smile’s aesthetic enhancements are considered cosmetic. They concentrate on the look of your teeth, aid in restoring their function and can also improve overall oral health. Some cosmetic dentistry procedures may include these:

● Aligners
● Tooth-colored filling
● Teeth straightening
● Dental implants
● Composite bonding
● Porcelain bridgework
● Porcelain crowns
● Porcelain veneers
● Teeth whitening

These are merely a few instances of the cosmetic dentistry treatments you may have the ability to choose. We’re here to help at Phelps Family Dentistry in Wilmington. Contact our caring team today to schedule a consultation.

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