What You Should Know About Oral Cancer

added on: July 26, 2020
Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer ScreeningMouth cancer is the 6th most common cancer, and accounts for 30,000 newly diagnosed cases every year – and 8,000 fatalities. Oral cancer, if not treated and diagnosed within its early stages, may spread, and lead to loss of function, chronic pain, oral and facial disfigurement and perhaps even death.

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Oral cancer: Who gets it?

Anyone can contract oral cancer. Smokers and heavy drinkers are at a greater risk. Although it’s more common in those over the age of 50, new studies indicate that younger folks might be developing mouth cancers associated with HPV (human papillomavirus).

Early detection may save

What’s the good news? The earlier mouth cancer is treated and detected, the better the rate of survival – which is only one of the several reasons you ought to regularly visit the dentist. Dental check-ups two times a year typically are covered with no or low deductible under the majority of dental plans.

As a part of the examination, the dentist will check you for signs of oral cancer, which includes feeling for lumps or abnormal tissue in your neck, head, or mouth. A biopsy is suggested if anything seems out of the ordinary or concerning.

Warning indications

You also should perform your very own self-exams to check for early warning indications. Immediately call the dentist if you see any of these symptoms:

• Persistent hoarseness or difficulty swallowing
• Repeated bleeding from throat or mouth
• Red or white patches on your lips or in your mouth
• Lumps, growths, or swelling anywhere near or in your neck or mouth
• Sores lasting longer than 2 weeks

The following time you go to the dentist, ask about an oral cancer screening. If you have not recently visited the dentist, make certain to arrange an appointment so that the dental professional can check for issues before they become harder to treat or cause pain.

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